Devlog 2

So, this week hasn't been too great.

We are lucky enough to deal with an internal Unity error! Hurray!

Basically, lightmapping isn't working until this error is fixed, so a test build can't be released until then, but here is a normal devblog.

The Walther PPK

Ahh, the classic spy gun. I wanted to include this into the game so you can have a chance to pretend to be your favorite spy character. The model is still relatively fresh, so it isn't finished, I'll probably finish it up tomorrow and put it into the game.

Bullet Changes

Bullets used to look like tiny balls, but now they are starting to look real. Here is a small caliber shell that has been created, and the model also has a split version for both the spent shell and the projectile.

Updates on the Team

I have been working hard on the business end of things, and that also means I've been looking for collaborators. I have a few potential new team members of people that I know. Having more people helping means we can make the game faster and get it out for people to play. We also have a new website, . Here, you can join the discord, back the project, download the game(you're already here), and view the devlog (again, already here). Also, there will a view of team members

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