A downloadable game for Windows

This is a "mess-around" game I'm making to practice some dev. skills before a bigger project. The game is very Smash like, sharing similar features like doing a knockout if slammed into the air after a certain health percentage. I don't plan on updating after a final update is confirmed by a post, as it was never meant to be a full game.

Future update will include multiplayer, just a dummy opponent exists currently


Left and Right move you in that direction

Up is jump, can be used once every 2 seconds, or if you land

Down while in midair is a slam move, can be used to build velocity to increase attack strength or to slam near an opponent, sending them into the air

Alt is a shield, lasts a short time and can't be used for the number of seconds you used it for afterwards

Right Control is the attack key. There is only one method of attack and to increase damage, your velocity must be higher. 

Right Shift is a dash, you can use it with a jump to jump really high ( to do a knockout slam) or to push opponents off the side


Momentum 34 MB

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