Development Build 2 Released

Gunplay is a thing now!

(A game mainly about shooting people actually has working guns, wow)
Currently, although I have worked on the first AR and Pistol, only the pistol is usable currently. The pistol has a basic stats and fires rounds at 830 fps, so there is enough range to just barely hit the furthest test target at a good range. 

Controls for weapons -
R  (One Tap) - Displays info about the current bullets in the magazine, the firemode, and the weapon name. Information fades faster when you shoot or reload
R (Double Tap) - Reloads the weapon, controls might be flipped or given their own key later on
Z - Change the firemode
3rd Mouse Button - Zoom in to see further

Basic pickups are in

This feature I made just yesterday, so it is pretty buggy. Try shaking your mouse around a bit when trying to pickup the first item, the ammo box, which will work differently in the future. I might switch from a collider based pickup detection to a raycast system.

The Target

So you can shoot now, but now you need something to shoot at
Here is the target. 3 hits and it falls. It'll reset after a few seconds

I expect within a month or so to have multiplayer, so be sure to join the discord for access to the beta tests. Also, follow some of my social medias to see some updates


Hotzone Developmental Build 2 63 MB
Jul 05, 2019

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